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Musculoskeletal (MSK) ultrasound imaging is a safe, reliable, and fast test that allows for real-time dynamic visualization of joints and soft tissues. It offers many patients an excellent alternative to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) when diagnosing stubborn joint pain. Adding this technology can dramatically increase your client base and income, but the training can be hard to get since few imaging centers offer it. At Orthopedic Ultrasound, Inc. in Westlake Village, California, you can now get MSK ultrasound training on-site for a reasonable price. Call the office or use the online scheduler to learn more about training options.

MSK Ultrasound Training Q & A

What are the MSK ultrasound training options?

Orthopedic Ultrasound, Inc. offers a variety of MSK ultrasound training options to meet your needs. All programs cover the upper and lower extremities, and the longer programs offer more depth.

Basic programs include a one-day option at $1,800 and a three-day option at $3,800. These programs are scheduled from 9am-4pm on weekdays.

You can also choose individual training (á la carte) sessions in:

  • Shoulder
  • Elbow
  • Hand/wrist
  • Hip/piriformis/sacroiliac (SI) joint
  • Knee Ankle/foot

The individual training sessions last four hours and cost $1,000 each.

You can also choose a more in-depth program that provides equipment you get to keep: the SonoSim® three- or five-day program.

What does SonoSim MSK ultrasound training include?

The three- and five-day SonoSim training programs each provide 41.25 of continuing medical education (CME) credits. With both programs, you get:

  • A SonoSim probe
  • A SonoSim drive for hardware installation
  • A scan pad
  • A quick start guide
  • A protective probe case

The five-day program is Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm, on-site at Orthopedic Ultrasound, Inc. You get hands-on training from skilled ultrasound technicians who have extensive experience using SonoSim. The five-day program includes up to two participants and costs $7,500.

The three-day program, which does not include the hands-on component, also takes place on weekdays from 9am-4pm. This program includes up to two participants and costs $4,500.

Each program also includes one year of support on the SonoSim simulator hardware.

What are the advantages of MSK ultrasound training?

MSK ultrasound training elevates you to the forefront of the medical world. MSK ultrasounds are a great alternative to MRIs for many patients because they’re faster and more reliable. Plus, MSK ultrasounds are more cost-effective for patients.

MSK ultrasounds are extremely precise, and the technology is emerging as an integral part of diagnostics for many patients who suffer from chronic pain. By learning how to perform this type of ultrasound imaging, you’ll gain the knowledge you need to advance your career.

In addition, it’s buildable knowledge: You can learn how to perform ultrasounds on nearly any part of the body with additional training.

For ultrasound training that you can put into effect fast, call Orthopedic Ultrasound, Inc. or book an appointment now.