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Personal Injury Specialist

Orthopedic Ultrasound, Inc

Medical Diagnostic Imaging Center & Musculoskeletal Specialist located in Westlake Village, CA

Suffering a personal injury is, unfortunately, quite common, and it can be daunting going through it both physically and mentally. If you need support with a personal injury claim, the experts at Orthopedic Ultrasound, Inc. in Westlake Village, California, can help by ensuring you receive the most accurate diagnosis possible and a detailed assessment of your condition. They can also use musculoskeletal ultrasound to give you targeted injections of steroids and regenerative medicine into the damaged tissues with the highest degree of accuracy. Call Orthopedic Ultrasound, Inc. today to learn more or book an appointment online.

Personal Injury Q & A

What is a personal injury?

A personal injury is something that happens to you while you’re going about your daily life that causes you harm. For example, getting hurt in an auto accident, tripping or slipping because an uneven or slippery surface has no warning signs, or damaging yourself on faulty machinery at work.

Orthopedic Ultrasound, Inc. accepts personal injury cases on liens. They help build your case using a less expensive diagnostic test so you can have a greater return. The team specializes in working with physicians and attorneys to provide faster and more reasonable financial settlements.

In addition, they accept worker’s compensation. Proving your disability and describing the extent and severity of the injury is critical to your case. They have 25 years of experience in providing both doctors and attorneys with the most accurate information. You can simply fax the appropriate paperwork to their office.

What sort of personal injuries are most common?

LA personal injury can result in many types of musculoskeletal injuries and chronic health problems, including:

  • Whiplash
  • Tendon and ligament tears
  • Spinal injuries
  • Low back pain
  • Repetitive strain injuries
  • Fractures
  • Dislocations
  • Crush injuries
  • Loss of limb
  • Neck injuries

You might also suffer from injuries to your internal organs or brain, or develop mental health problems because of a personal injury.

Who pays for my personal injury treatments?

If you suffer a personal injury that wasn’t your fault, you can make a claim for compensation and costs against the responsible party. Successful claims typically result in your medical bills being covered by the person or organization responsible — or in most cases, their insurance company.

You do need to follow specific regulations concerning who you use for your health care, so for instance, while a claim would cover a licensed medical doctor’s fees, it probably won’t cover an unlicensed alternative practitioner.

Your legal representative can advise you on these issues, and a medical practice experienced in personal injury claims can help you with the paperwork.

How can MSK ultrasound help with a personal injury claim?

Musculoskeletal (MSK) ultrasound is one of the most accurate, in-depth forms of diagnostic imaging available. As a precise diagnosis of your condition can make a significant difference to your personal injury claim, MSK ultrasound results could be invaluable.

For one thing, MSK ultrasound can detect tissue damage that static diagnostic imaging technologies such as an MRI scan can’t see. As your soft tissues move, they can uncover tears and other forms of damage underneath that other technologies don’t reveal. This could be vital to ensuring you get adequate compensation for your injuries. It’s also essential in terms of getting the best possible treatment; if your provider doesn’t know the full extent of your injury, they can’t prescribe the best therapies.

If you experience a personal injury for which you weren’t to blame, remember the importance of getting the right diagnosis. Call Orthopedic Ultrasound, Inc. today to find out more or book an appointment online.