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Are you an injured SUFER?

Surfer on a huge wave.

We specialize  Diagnostic Ultrasound. We can take a look, and in the matter of minutes we can let you know if what you need is Surgery/ Alternative Surgery options like PRP (Platlet Rich Plasma Injections) or Amniotic Fluid Cell Injections. 

Yes the very amniotic fluid that is in the mothers womb is used to inject the effected joint, muscle, tendon or nerve!

There is no need to go through the hoops of Physicians and Refferals when you can come directly to us and we can guide you from there.


Yvonne Jablon / wife/ mother/ business owner Yvonne Jablon Vice President of Orthopedic Ultrasound, Inc.

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Get an ultrasound from world renown expert Michael Jablon, RMST. Mr Jablon has been performing Diagnostic Musculoskeletal Ultrasound for over 25 years. Ultrasound should be considered 1st for any possible Tendon, Muscle, Nerve or Joint issue.

Are you training for IRON MAN TRIATHOLON ?

If you are training for IRON MAN TRIATHOLON and you get injured in the middle of your training. Do not hesitate to come see us. You do not have time to be down or spinning wheels making no progress especially with the triathlon nearby.

MRI vs Ultrasound

Should Ultrasound be the new GOLD STANDARD? This is why we think it should.
Ultrasound for Fractures

Ultrasound for Detecting Fractures

We love the use of ultrasound for detecting fractures in addition to plain radiograph. Why expose you to radiation if we can do an Ultrasound First?
Wrist Pain

Wrist Pain get an Ultrasound 1st.

Are you feeling numbness and tingly in your fingertips? Loosing strength? Think Ultrasound First. Typically, a Dr will order an EMG. Which is a nerve study. What is an EMG you ask?