What is an MSK Ultrasound Test?

Shoulder Ultrasound

MSK Ultrasound Test scan is reffered to as a dynamic test, unlike other static (still)  tests such as MRI. We explain this best through the use of a rubber band. The rubber band appears intact, but once it is stretched, even the smallest tear can be seen. During an ultrasound test, you will be moving with the assistance of the technician to detect abnormalitites that may otherwise be hidden. Allowing us to explain in detail the reason behind your pain. We work with a network of Doctors, from Pain Management, to Orthopedics, to Rheumatology and different specialties,  we can help refer you in the right direction.

Sometimes, knowing is peace of mind.  

Benefits of MSK Ultrasound Test 

It is Safe; Highly Accurate: Non Invasive; Imaging the body in motion; has no restrictions to its use.  

If you have been through diagnostic tests and you still are unsure or unclear about your pain. Let us help with a clear concise and coclusive diagnosis.  

Yvonne Jablon / wife/ mother/ business owner Yvonne Jablon Vice President of Orthopedic Ultrasound, Inc.

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Welcome To MSK!

Welcome to the Center for Musculoskeletal Ultrasound! A center that has answers to soft tissue injuries. We can visualize tendons and ligaments while in motion with ultrasound. We’re very eager to answer or address any questions you may have.